High School Math Material

by Joe Mercer


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Here I will continue placing lessons and worksheets I created over many years of teaching in 3 different high schools. All worksheets are in Microsoft Word or in PDF format.

I retired in June, 1993, from teaching math and computer science at Glenbrook North High School (Northbrook, IL) and am currently living in Albuquerque, NM, where I unretired for a while, teaching at West Mesa High School and then at Sandia High School, retiring once again at the end of May, 2009.




Links I have added so far:

Some Algebra 1 worksheets and some video lessons following Saxon's Algebra 1

First Semester Geometry Lessons and Worksheets

Second Semester Geometry Lessons and Worksheets

Some Algebra 2 worksheets, tests and lessons

PreCalculus: Worksheets on Logarithms and Miscellaneous Topics

A large ZIP file of AP calculus quizzes, tests, and a few worksheets

First Semester Calculus: A few worksheets and tests, and 45 short quizzes

Second Semester Calculus and beyond (some advanced topics)

Last updated January 15, 2016


A most useful site where you can ask any question, including "What is the meaning of life?" and mathematical questions of all sorts--you can even type things like "factor 3x^2-7x+6" and it will give you the answer (x + 3)(3x - 2):     Wolfram's Alpha Site

Other Useful Sites

Doctor Doug's Home Page

Many good video lessons in math and other subjects

A really interesting site outside the world of mathematics

Santa Fe Insitute (one of the world's great think-tanks)

Perci Diaconis (probabilist and magician)

Various drill and practice games

High School Math Problems (Ask Dr. Math)

MacTutor History of Mathematics


Math Reference Tables

POV-ray 3-dimensional scripting language

  High School Algebra Problems (Ask Dr. Math)
  Permutations & Combinations (Ask Dr. Math)
  Probability & Statistics (Ask Dr. Math)
  PurpleMath: Practical Algebra Lessons

Geometry and Trigonometry
  High School Geometry Problems (Ask Dr. Math)
  Dave's Short Trig Course
  High School Trigonometry (Ask Dr. Math)
  Trigonometric Identities

  AP Calculus - Mrs. Roberts
  High School Calculus Problems (Ask Dr. Math)
  Visual Calculus Tutorials